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Forklift Trader is a leading seller of used forklifts to residents and businesses in Arizona and surrounding cities. With different masts, capacities, and manufacturers, you will find the right forklift at the right price. We guarantee your lift will get delivered to its specified location efficiently and safely.

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Forklift Parts For Sale in Alaska

M&W Equipment offers parts for different forklift brands throughout Alaska. From forks to tires, we will find you the part needed for your lift. If we do not have the needed part in stock, we will order it and send it out as soon as possible. Get the forklift parts for your business or home from M&W Equipment at affordable rates.

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Alaska Forklift Rental

If you are looking at renting a forklift in Alaska, Forklift Trader should be your first call. We have different forklift brands in stock, including Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. These brands offer both electric and gas styles with different mast and capacity options for your specific needs.

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Apr 24, 2023
Erin Hills Turf
Top-rated forklift dealer in Waukesha 5 stars on Google
The team at M&W did a great job in the preparation and sale of a used CAT forklift that I recently purchased for our operation. After I inspected and tested the unit, they noted the few things that I requested attention on, and took corrected those items without extra charges. Upon delivery, I noticed that they did a considerable amount of additional repairs. Again at no additional charge. I inquired as to the details of all the extra effort they put into this unit, and was kindly presented with a detailed report of all the things that they addressed. Shortly after delivery we encountered a small issue. M&W quickly came out and corrected the issue that required the replacement of a subassembly of the transmission. They replaced that and corrected the issue, AGAIN AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! I seriously feel that they truely went the extra mile in satisfying my needs as a new customer, and have gained my confidence that if ever I need assistance in the future, they will be there for me. To top it off, when all was said and done, M&W sent a small gift package to further prove their dedication to customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend M&W to my colleagues and fellow equipment managers in the industry. My I tip my hat to Jennifer and Tony specifically for their support and friendly/honest business ethics. Jeff Borowski. Equipment manager/Lead Technician, Erin Hills Golf Course LLC. Hartford, WI.
Apr 16, 2023
Jeff Behr
Top-rated forklift dealer in Waukesha 5 stars on Google
I purchased my first forklift from them a little over a year ago and have been very pleased. I just bought my second forklift this past week. These are great people to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a forklift.
Apr 5, 2023
Eric Mysliwiec
Top-rated forklift dealer in Waukesha 5 stars on Google
Called Jennifer regarding a forklift on their website for sale. Unfortunately it was already sold but she remembered what we were looking for. She brought one in and called me immediately. Purchased the lift and has been extremely helpful thru the process. Highly recommend
Jan 24, 2023
lee Bevan
Top-rated forklift dealer in Waukesha 5 stars on Google
Our FL failed to start recently. We called our FLT who have done great work in the past. On this occasion, they were able to provide diagnostic expertise over the phone. Liz was extremely knowledgeable. She offered several possible solutions and our own tech was able to fix the problem based on Liz’s directions. No pick up necessary and barely any down time. Great service!
Sep 8, 2022
Ian McDermott
Top-rated forklift dealer in Waukesha 5 stars on Google
Purchased a forklift a little over a year ago and discovered an issue that had been there the entire time but didn't really present itself until now. I was out of warranty but the team at M&W took the time to hear me out and were more than willing to work with me. Dan in service was great and completely understood my view and immediately went to bat for me. I was later contacted by Liz from the ops team and she teamed up with Dan and went to bat with him. Together they came up with and solidified a plan that is leaving me satisfied! Just because a piece of paper says something and is signed, doesn't mean you can't help your customers and that is exactly what the team at M&W did, they helped regardless! Thanks again Liz and Dan for going to bat for me! Glad to know there are still companies out there that really embrace the value of taking care of your customers.
Jun 2, 2022
Terry Schander
Top-rated forklift dealer in Waukesha 5 stars on Google
If you want to purchase a forklift this is the place. When you purchase a forklift M & W will go through each forklift and repair or replace anything that needs to be fixed. Not like some companies that ship you the lift and YOU repair the problems. Communication is absolutely excellent. Always easy to call and get to the right person. On my case even the receptionist went so far to send me additional pictures and explained them to me. I am really pleased with every part of my buying experience and I love my lift