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The 30 Best Forklift Brands of 2023

Choosing the right forklift for your business is the difference between happy employees & high productivity and potentially disastrous downtime & revenue loss. We’ve laid out the top 30 forklift brands so you can find the perfect forklift for your company’s needs. Detailed information about the leading forklift manufacturers below.

1 Toyota




Toyota has been dominating the forklift industry as the top-selling forklift brand since 2002. With over 50 years in the forklift industry and over 2,000,000 industrial engines built since 1958, Toyota produces high-quality, durable lifts proven to stand the test of time.

Benefits of Toyota Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Toyota Forklifts:

  • Toyota designs and builds its own engines specifically for fork trucks from the ground up. Toyota’s forklift engines undergo extreme testing to ensure reliable, productivity-boosting performance.
  • Toyota’s forklifts are sought after for reducing safety-related incidents and maintenance costs with its System of Active Stability (SAS), which helps prevent accidents by auto-detecting and correcting instability.

Toyota's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Toyota introduced the world’s 1st and only system of active stability (SAS) to reduce lateral and longitudinal tip-over risk through electronic monitoring. 
  • Toyota is dedicated to creating dependable forklifts with sustainable manufacturing.

Toyota's Customer Service:

  • Toyota takes a customer-first approach, creating safe forklifts with a promise of high value and an excellent driving experience.

The Bottom Line for Toyota Lifts:

Toyota strives to be the #1 forklift company for quality, durability and reliability. Toyota offers a low cost of ownership and has been widely acknowledged as the top forklift company for over two decades. 






Cat is one of the best-known and highly trusted forklift brands in the world, and for good reason: Cat produces a huge range of super-safe lift trucks with outstanding quality, durability, reliability and versatility.

Benefits of CAT Forklifts:

Key Benefits of CAT Forklifts: 

  • Cat offers flexible, economic solutions for a variety of industries. 
  • Cat’s parts are a breeze to replace if needed- 97% of parts are typically in-stock.
  • Cat has rugged, fuel-efficient lift trucks drivers are confident in. 

CAT’s Forklift Legacy in Brief: 

  • Cat has been a trusted, award-winning leader in the material handling industry for over 80 years. 
  • Cat was recently awarded The Red Dot Design Award for their 3-wheel 1.4-2.0 tonne 48V electric counterbalance range.

CAT’s Customer Service: 

  • Cat proudly guarantees maximum safety and productivity to its customers.
  • Cat stands behind its warranties and strives to provide outstanding customer service. 

The Bottom Line for CAT Lift Trucks: 

Companies trust Cat equipment to enhance efficiency and job performance. Cat’s quality combined with its customer service sets businesses on the path to success. 


3 Linde




Linde is a German manufacturer founded in 1904 and is now part of the KION Group (the world’s second-largest manufacturer of industrial trucks). Linde is known for its powerful drive technology and supremely responsive traction control for fast and easy load transport.

Benefits of Linde Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Linde Forklifts:

  • Linde forklifts are known for their precision, advanced technology and impressive efficiency. 
  • Linde’s hydrostatic drive system delivers smooth, accurate control of forklift speed and direction, which over time reduces wear on the lift truck resulting in fewer maintenance costs. 
  • Linde has a reputation for first-class agility and handling.

Linde's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • In 1958 Linde invented the first forklift truck with hydrostatic transmission. 
  • Linde focuses on engineering solutions for complex intralogistics- their revolutionary contributions to the forklift industry include Linde Steer Control, Linde Motion Detection, the Linde Rack Protection Sensor and the Linde Multifunction Lever.

Linde's Customer Service:

  • Linde is committed to reducing its customers’ fuel consumption and lowering emission levels. Linde is also dedicated to increasing productivity and reducing downtime with its maintenance-free brake and drive system.

The Bottom Line for Linde Lifts:

Linde is well-respected for its innovative approach to forklift technology. The advanced developments produced and perfected by Linde have been transformative for both productivity and driver experience.

4 Hyster




Hyster has been in the forklift industry for over 90 years, earning a reputation for durability and dependability. Hyster forklifts serve a number of industries and are all-around solid lifts.

Benefits of Hyster Forklifts:

Key benefits of Hyster Forklifts:

  • Hyster forklifts have won several awards for their durability and reliability- they withstand ultra-tough working conditions. 
  • Hyster has advanced pallet and narrow aisle trucks, and newer models are designed to avoid workplace accidents with operator-assist technology.
  • Hyster makes comfortable, spacious cabs with advanced safety features like speed reduction, auto parking brakes and warning systems.

Hyster's Legacy in Brief:

  • Hyster’s history began in 1929 with roots in the logging industry.
  • Hyster forklifts are known for delivering top-of-the-line, durable forklifts.
  • Hyster is well-loved for its trustworthiness, consistency and credibility. 

Hyster's Customer Service:

  • Hyster proudly offers low-maintenance, high-performance, cost-cutting solutions for material handling needs.

The Bottom Line for Hyster Lifts:

Hyster’s reputation for building tough, dependable lift trucks has earned them a loyal following of customers across a wide range of industries.

5 Yale




Yale is one of the oldest and most respected forklift brands across the globe with over a century of expertise in the forklift industry.

Benefits of Yale Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Yale Forklifts:

  • Yale is highly regarded for its constant developments in innovation and design, winning several awards year after year. 
  • Yale fork trucks are specifically designed to increase safety and efficiency by maximizing visibility and ease of control 
  • Yale centers its designs around the comfort of the driver.

Yale's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Yale created its first forklift in 1920 and has been developing a range of material-handling vehicles ever since. 

Yale's Customer Service:

  • Yale emphasizes production efficiency and designs based on customer feedback in research, development and pilot programs. 

The Bottom Line for Yale Lifts:

Yale strives to maintain its gold-standard status in sustainability and to produce forklifts that are high quality and well-priced.