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Used Forklifts for Columbus, Ohio

Choose from our wide variety of forklift options and get affordable shipping straight to your doorstep, shipping dock, or warehouse. Our highly skilled forklift experts can recommend the perfect forklift for your job that suits your needs, wants, and price range. 


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Forklift Brands for Columbus

We provide high-quality used and refurbished forklifts from a large range of forklift manufacturers. Our constantly changing inventory includes forklifts manufactured by brands that you know and love. Some of our most popular options come from the following brands: 

If you need help deciding what kind or brand of forklift is best for your application, our forklift experts will help you assess your needs and recommend the best forklift option for you.


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Forklift Parts for Columbus

If your forklift needs new parts, we have what you need. M&W Equipment provides forklift owners with just about every forklift part you can imagine. Whether you need new breaks, a battery, forks, tires, or just about anything else, we have it. 

Just inform us of the part you need and we will check our inventory. If we don’t have the part you need in our inventory, we can order it for you.  

If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your forklift, contacts the forklift experts at M&W Equipment. Our experienced staff can help diagnose a problem and recommend the best part for your lift.