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Don’t settle for scrap pricing, Forklift Trader will make an offer on lifts of any condition. If you’re replacing or liquidating your old forklift fleet, make sure you’re getting as much for your old equipment as possible.

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We’re always looking to buy electric, propane, and diesel forklifts of all brands

Our entire inventory is made up of used lift trucks that were restored and brought back to life by our expert mechanics. If you’re replacing your lift with something new, get in touch with us. We’ll assess the condition of your old forklift and make you an offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maximize the trade-in value of my forklift?

You can maximize the trade-in value of your old forklift by keeping up with regular maintenance, trading it in before the 10,000 hour or 10 year mark if possible, and keeping your machine clean.

How much is an old forklift worth?

Valuation of used forklifts depends primarily on the forklift's age and the number of operating hours it has seen. The older the forklift and the more it was used, the lower the value will be.

Is there a blue book for forklifts?

There is not a blue book for determining the value of used forklifts at this time. If you want to find the price of a forklift, contact Forklift Trader.

What can you do with an old forklift?

If you determine your forklift doesn't have much resale value, it can always be used for different business operations or eventually sold for scrap or spare parts.

Do forklifts have titles?

No, forklifts do not have titles because they are not licensed vehicles. The bill of sale will include the forklift's serial number.

What is the most common forklift size?

The most common forklift size is the 20 ton, which is ideal for light-medium loads (2,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds, depending on forklift capacity).

Do you need a certification to operate a forklift?

Yes. By law, all employers have to make sure their forklift operators have received training from a qualified instructor.

Do you need recertification to drive forklifts?

Yes. OSHA mandates forklift operators to be recertified every 3 years.