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Buy Used Forklifts in Fargo, North Dakota

Forklift Trader ships used lifts to Fargo and across North Dakota. We have numerous forklift brands that feature combinations of capacity, mast, fuel type, and hours. Our expert drivers deliver your forklift safely and efficiently.  All our delivery trucks are equipped to unload your forklift on ground level or raise it onto a loading dock.

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Buy Forklift Parts in North Dakota

Buy forklift parts and have them shipped directly to your preferred address in Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, and beyond. We have the exact tire, fork, and mast you’re looking for. If it’s not already in stock, we’ll track one down for you and ship it out quickly.

Let us know what part you need.

Forklifts for North Dakota Farmers

North Dakota is known for its hardworking farmers, and farmers know Forklift Trader provides the highest-quality used lifts anywhere on the market. Each forklift we carry is inspected and restored by expert mechanics.

Our used forklifts are designed to take on all kinds of jobs such as warehouse inventory management, truck loading, material transportation, and much more.

Sell Your Forklift in North Dakota

Forklift Trader makes it easier than ever to sell your forklift. Unlike scrapyards, we’ll appraise your lift and give you a fair price for it. Scrapping your lift is like leaving easy money on the table. Contact us today.

North Dakota Forklift Rentals

Get a rental forklift for a day, week, or month and cross that big project off your list. Our range of rental periods means you won’t spend more than needed. If you don’t have a driver for the lift, we’ll send out an experienced driver directly to the worksite. If you decide on buying the rental lift, just let us know and we’ll make you an offer. Check out our rental rates here.