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The 30 Best Forklift Brands of 2024

Selecting the appropriate forklift for your business can make the difference between satisfied employees, enhanced productivity, and avoiding potential downtime and revenue loss. Explore our comprehensive guide featuring the top 30 forklift brands, providing detailed insights into leading forklift manufacturers to help you find the ideal forklift for your company's requirements.





CLARK holds firm a tradition of forklift trucks “built to last” dating back to 1917. With over 300 lift models and 5 major product lines, CLARK takes innovation seriously.

Benefits of CLARK Forklifts:

Key Benefits of CLARK Forklifts:

  • CLARK forklifts increase productivity with high-speed operations.
  • CLARK improves control and safety with superior visibility for drivers.

CLARK's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • CLARK invented the forklift truck in 1917 and has produced over 1 million forklift trucks. 
  • Over 350,000 CLARK lift trucks are currently in operation.

CLARK's Customer Service:

  • CLARK prioritizes responsiveness and progressiveness. 

The Bottom Line for CLARK Lifts:

CLARK invented the forklift and has built a reputation for safe, reliable and powerful operations. Today, CLARK has the best propane forklift truck on the market.

7 Nissan




Nissan began producing forklifts in 1957 and transitioned to the UniCarriers name in 2015. Nissan forklifts have a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Nissan Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Nissan Forklifts:

  • Nissan’s internal combustion forklifts are fuel efficient and reduce emissions. 
  • Nissan forklifts are low-maintenance.
  • Nissan lifts are built with high-quality materials to endure tough use and keep costs low.

Nissan's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Nissan is known for its meticulous quality and precise attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

Nissan's Customer Service:

  • Nissan delivers “superior performance, exceptional quality and outstanding value” to its customers with reliable products and an emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

The Bottom Line for Nissan Lifts:

Nissan forklifts are built to withstand long shifts at low maintenance and operation costs.


8 Komatsu




Komatsu is a reliable forklift brand known for its diverse selection of durable, reliable fork trucks.

Benefits of Komatsu Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Komatsu Forklifts:

  • Komatsu makes the best-ranking narrow-aisle truck.
  • Komatsu has well-designed controls, making tasks easy for drivers.
  • Komatsu focuses on efficiency and versatility with advanced diagnostics and maintenance tracking. 
  • Komatsu’s advanced systems including advanced load sensing, speed control and automatic transmission shifting are designed with productivity and safety in mind.

Komatsu Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Komatsu has been producing forklift trucks since 1953. 
  • Komatsu is a leader in innovation and collaboration. 

Komatsu's Customer Service:

  • Komatsu produces low-maintenance trucks with savings in operation costs and reduced downtime.

The Bottom Line for Komatsu Lifts:

Komatsu forklifts are designed to be durable, dependable and long-lasting for heavy-duty applications.

9 Crown




Crown leads the forklift industry in ergonomics. Specializing in rough terrain and counterbalance forklifts, Crown is built for safe, confident lift driving. Crown trucks are well-known for being innovative, reliable and high-tech.

Benefits of Crown Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Crown Forklifts:

  • Crown’s fleet management system, InfoLink, lets businesses track and analyze fork usage.
  • Crown increases operator efficiency with QuickPick Remote order picking. 

Crown's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Crown brings more than 50 years of experience to the material handling industry and has been family-led for 4 generations.
  • Crown has tons of award-winning designs that meet a variety of needs. 

Crown's Customer Service:

  • Crown values trust-based relationships and cares about driver comfort and safety. 

The Bottom Line for Crown Lifts:

Crown aims to reduce cost of ownership by creating high-performance, reliable and innovative fork trucks. Crown’s C-5 range is the clear leader in heavy-duty industrial forklifts.

10 Daewoo




Daewoo is a high-quality South Korean forklift brand that specialized in heavy equipment. Used Daewoo machines are a tough, reliable and economical forklift choice. Daewoo was purchased by Doosan in 2005 and products are now made under the Doosan name.

Benefits of Daewoo Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Daewoo Forklifts:

  • Daewoo is a great budget lift option for applications with low agility demands. 
  • Daewoo forklifts are comfortable and fuel-efficient.
  • Daewoo lifts have a reputation for being low-maintenance.

Daewoo's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Daewoo trucks boast longevity and were some of the best forklifts on the market while in production. Now, used Daewoo’s are commonly traded and still widely used across industries.

Daewoo's Customer Service:

  • With Daewoo forklifts no longer in production, customer service is dependent on the used lift dealer.  

The Bottom Line for Daewoo Lifts:

Daewoo’s are a solid option for those in search of a budget-friendly, fuel-efficient used forklift. Daewoo is a versatile and safe choice to boost your productivity for low-agility needs.