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The 30 Best Forklift Brands of 2024

Selecting the appropriate forklift for your business can make the difference between satisfied employees, enhanced productivity, and avoiding potential downtime and revenue loss. Explore our comprehensive guide featuring the top 30 forklift brands, providing detailed insights into leading forklift manufacturers to help you find the ideal forklift for your company's requirements.

11 Mitsubishi




Mitsubishi forklifts are a game-changer for those looking to majorly boost productivity. Mitsubishi is known for producing low-maintenance, stable fork trucks drivers love.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Mitsubishi Forklifts:

  • Mitsubishi has a huge range of award-winning reach and multi-way lift trucks 
  • Mitsubishi offers powerful forklifts suitable for a variety of rigorous, heavy-duty applications 
  • Mitsubishi’s anti-tip technology, stability control and overload protection help keep workers safe. 
  • Mitsubishi keeps workers comfortable with flexibility and ergonomic designs, comfortable cabs and easy controls.

Mitsubishi's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Mitsubishi forklifts were formed in 1992 in collaboration with Caterpillar Inc. 
  • Mitsubishi Logisnext is known for its service, value and reliability.

Mitsubishi's Customer Service:

  • Mitsubishi develops high-quality products with durable materials and a broad range of models to choose from, contributing to high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

The Bottom Line for Mitsubishi Lifts:

Mitsubishi Logisnext produces durable, comfortable and reliable forklift trucks with impressive service plans.

12 TCM




Manufacturing forklifts since the 1940s, TCM is a member of UniCarriers along with Nissan. TCM forklifts are known for their rugged tolerance of long, heavy hours on the job.

Benefits of TCM Forklifts:

Key Benefits of TCM Forklifts:

  • TCM forklifts are great choices to maximize safety and visibility. 
  • TCM’s greatest emphasis is ergonomics- its forklifts are designed to protect drivers’ long-term health. 
  • TCM forklifts are highly fuel-efficient. 
  • TCM lifts are low-maintenance.

TCM's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • TCM stands for Toyo Carriers Manufacturing. TCM manufactured the first “Made in Japan” internal combustion engine forklift truck in 1949 and has continued to produce several different types of fork truck lifts for the international market. 

TCM's Customer Service:

  • TCM places value on providing safe, reliable products that evolve with its customers' needs. 

The Bottom Line for TCM Lifts:

TCM forklift trucks have incredible performance in terms of maneuverability. TCM has 14 high-quality models to choose from to meet an array of material handling needs.

13 Hyundai




Hyundai (meaning modernity) is an industry-leading manufacturer of forklifts focused on continuous improvement and providing amazing warranties, high-tech designs, expert engineering and helpful resources. Hyundai lift trucks are known for being easy to operate.

Benefits of Hyundai Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Hyundai Forklifts:

  • Hyundai lifts put the customer first: they prioritize safety and value
  • Hyundai has what it takes to keep your operations moving without interruption 

Hyundai's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Following a solid company buildup from the production of construction to motors to cars and computers, Hyundai forklifts were introduced to the North American market in 2000. 

Hyundai's Customer Service:

  • Hyundai aims to produce the safest, most comfortable, most durable and most reliable forklifts on the market. 
  • Hyundai strives to deliver the best value in the forklift industry. 

The Bottom Line for Hyundai Lifts:

Hyundai has a reputation for low-cost reliability and genuine investment in customer satisfaction. 

14 Raymond




Raymond, owned by Toyota Industries Corporation of Japan, has been producing forklifts since the 1920’s. Raymond is known for crafting reliable, energy-efficient forklifts that keep production moving efficiently.

Benefits of Raymond Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Raymond Forklifts:

  • Moving and loading Raymond trucks is highly efficient, smooth and precise. 
  • Thoughtful ergonomic designs keep drivers comfortable and fight fatigue. 
  • Raymond lift trucks are energy efficient.
  • Raymond trucks have advanced technology including real-time performance and maintenance monitoring. 

Raymond's Forklift Legacy in Brief:

  • Raymond designed and patented the wooden pallet in 1939 + Raymond created the 1st hydraulic hand pallet truck to be used with the pallet. 
  • Raymond produced the 1st narrow aisle lift truck in 1951, followed by the 1st swing reach truck and the first microprocessor-controlled lift truck in North America. 
  • Raymond produced the 1st AC-powered reach-fork truck in North America on the 50th anniversary of the 1st narrow aisle truck.
  • Raymond developed the industry’s first cell-compatible order picker truck.

Raymond's Customer Service:

  • Raymond prides itself on being an ergonomic leader and on having the most comprehensive fleet management system in the industry. 

The Bottom Line for Raymond Lifts:

Raymond has been a major player in the advancement of the lift industry for years. With a history of innovation and prioritizing driver comfort and ease of operation, it’s easy to see why Raymond is a popular forklift choice.

15 Tailift




Tailift (part of Toyota since 2015) is considered among the best forklifts on the market. Tailifts are high-quality, low-cost lifts.

Benefits of Tailift Forklifts:

Key Benefits of Tailift Forklifts:

  • Tailift forklifts are cost-effective and provide great value.
  • Tailift forklifts are loved for their comfort and easy maintenance. 

Tailift's Legacy in Brief:

  • Established in 1973, Tailift is highly respected for providing incredible value at the lowest cost. 

Tailift's Customer Service:

  • Tailift prides itself on fast delivery, flexible service and competitive pricing. 

The Bottom Line for Tailift Lifts:

Tailifts are a reliable choice offering customers high-quality, high-end products at affordable prices. Tailift is always working to innovate and improve.